Our Time Is Now

Our Time is Now 🔥

From all of us at Samsara – We stand with humanity. We proudly raise our fists in solidarity with the cause of human justice everywhere.

We won’t stand silently while brown children are held in cages on the Mexican border, while black youth are unjustly imprisoned, and black women like Breonna Taylor are murdered in their homes by the police.

That’s why we say loudly – no more Trump, no more legal corruption for the wealthy and misery for the poor, no more destruction of our home planet. No more. We are voting for @joebiden & @kamalaharris.

Voting is the tip of iceberg for us. As a team we are rolling up our sleeves and volunteering for local, state and national campaigns for justice – and we are paying all our staff for their activism. So far this year with the help of our partners @patagonia and @factionskis we have donated $16,000 to @colorofchange and @outdooroutreach and we are going to do more next year.

This week we are doing call training for the Biden/Harris Campaign, we are calling our senators, and we are researching how to make noise for the cause of justice this November.

Our whole reason for being in business is to enhance the human life experience, through the vehicle of the human body.

So naturally we believe in the sisterhood and brotherhood of all human beings. We will always stand for humankind. This is who we are and will always be at Samsara. Always expect this of us.

[UPDATE] The election has passed, but we feel this was true then, and it feels true now. So we are leaving it here for you.

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