Samsara Is Hiring!

**WE ARE NO LONGER ACCEPTING APPLICATIONS FOR THIS POSITION** Thanks to the many qualified candidates who spent time and energy to apply! 


Job Purpose: Guide the operation of the company.  Lead the team, meet the budget, promote the values

Location: Remote

Status: Employee

Time Commitment: Average 40hrs/week

Salary:  $72,000-$80,000/year Depending on experience & qualification

Bonus: +0.25% / 1% that company is over budget

Benefits: Flexible/unlimited PTO (we track impact over time), paid professional development, health/fitness stipend, flexible work environment

Reports to: Zahan Billimoria

Direct Reports: Athlete Team Manager, Marketing Manager, Coordinator


Experience growing a small business, startup or non profit 

Ability to drive online sales

Natural leader, listener, collaborator. Get the buy-in and lead the way

Operational mastermind. Results-driven organizer of people and projects. Implementer of processes and systems.


Passion for outdoor sports, interest in training


Experience with Google Suite, Asana, Woo Commerce, CRM, Business Operating System


You are the centerpiece of the operation. You take the vision and implement a strategy to get there. You foster a collaborative approach, you cultivate the skills of your staff, you hold them accountable and support them. You are constantly building or refining the systems that the company relies on. You are an independent results-driven thinker, a natural problem solver. (See Job Description for details).


We exist to help all humans reclaim their innate athletic ability. Our training method is rooted in the study of locomotion (how humans cover ground) and the physiological processes that drive change. From maximum strength, to all day endurance the secrets of high performance lie in our biological and evolutionary code. Our work has transformed the performance of, and resolved injuries for, some of the world’s top athletes; Olympians, world record holders, and professional athletes have applied the Samsara Method at the highest level of sport. 

We develop and deliver training tools that enable athletes of all levels to experience their innate athletic potential. We build online and in-person community to support athletes on the journey to discovering their potential.


  1. Pursue Excellence. We strive to deliver the best online training experience in the world. Our commitment to excellence extends to the standards of our work, the quality of our operations, the timeliness of our commitments, and our endless quest for high performance. We only do what we can do best.
  1. Build Community. We lift each other up, and we rise together. Community is woven into our DNA. We bring people together, online and in person. From our day to day work environment, to the experience we deliver – human connection, compassion and kindness, is integral to our shared success.
  1. Lead with Compassion. We are a values-driven business. We do what we believe is right for people and the planet. We seek to advance the cause of equality. We advocate for the health of our planet and all its people.


Role: Chief of Staff

Measurables: Implement Samsara Hiring Process. Quarterly Performance reviews on time and documented. Maintain staff vibe 4/5

Work: Hire and develop A-Players in all roles. Conduct performance reviews. Manage staff’s weekly goals and deadlines. Address setbacks within the week. Support a collaborative company culture, plan company retreats. 

Values: You’re a collaborator and a team builder. You seek to build a team that is driven by a connection to our shared values: pursue excellence, build community, lead with compassion. You lift your team up, you are a community builder. You are a listener by nature, the happiness of your team is paramount to you.


Role: Director of Operations

Measurables: OKRs, KPIs tracked. Systems support on-time and low stress project completion. Google Drive is organized. Projects are completed on time.

Work: Company follows annual and quarterly planning cycle, use of OKRs, KPIs. Oversee the day-to-day operational functions of the company.

Values: A systematic approach to organizing information is one of the gifts you bring to our progress. 


Role: Sales Manager

Measurables: Company is on track with budget goals, month-to-month. Lead the team to meet the sales budget on a weekly basis. Identify & solve for sales shortfalls. 

Work: Create & Implement a Sales & Marketing Plan. Implement a CRM. Advance the brand story

Values: Build community with our customers


Role: Finance Manager

Measurables: Report on Financials during Monday Team Meeting, pay bills on time

Work: Use financial software to generate sales and expense data on a weekly basis

Values: You pursue excellence by maintaining detailed knowledge of our financial indicators

** To be considered for this role, please submit a cover letter explaining why you think Samsara is a good fit for you, along with your resume to:

9 thoughts on “Samsara Is Hiring!

  1. Jarrod Slone says:

    I am a fitness minded individual with 15 years of people management experience.
    I’ve believe that happy employees leads to top performance. You can only do this but showing compassion and showing them you care. I have successfully developed my teams to move up in the companies in which I’ve worked.
    I also love getting to the root of systemic issues and resolving them fully in order to remove roadblocks for my employees.

  2. Chief of Staff position

  3. Brandy Gibson says:

    Hi! I applied for the Director of Operations role through linked in.

    Please let me know if there is another way to get my qualifications over to the team!

    Thank you! So excited!

    Brandy Gibson

  4. Dan Radetsky says:

    Director of Operations position… 25 years of operations management experience, driven by desires to develop individuals and teams, improve processes, achieve results, and instill/foster performance and customer-focused excellence.

  5. Sean Rissel says:


    My name is Sean Rissel and I feel that I will be a great fit for the Operations Director position. I cannot wait to hear form you to discuss it further!

  6. Matt Smith says:

    Hello, I am interested in applying to the Director of Operaitons role (If still open). When applying via LinkedIn, i was brought to this page. I am hoping to submit my resume, can someone please reach-out with a link or correct email to do so. Thank you in advance,

    Matt Smith

  7. Benjamin Ybarra says:

    Hello Team! My name is Benjamin Ybarra! I am a very experienced Fitness Operations Director in Miami, looking for my next professional growth challenge. I am currently an Operations Director at well established community center in Miami. I would love to explain more about myself and what I can bring to the table and how I can be part of the next level of performance with Samsara! Please feel free to reach-out so we can talk more in depth. I hope to hear back soon!

    All the best,

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