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— Fall 2021 —

At Samsara, we consider every human to be an athlete, independent of each person’s background, training history, or accomplishments. 

The sports we play simply reflect the ways our bodies have evolved over millennia to tackle the natural world around us. Our core purpose is to enable human beings to reclaim their innate athleticism.

Community is also woven into our DNA. To be a Samsara Athlete is to be a member of a team. Online or in person, we are on this journey together, and we strive to build a supportive community driven by compassion, accountability, and the relentless pursuit of athleticism.

Zahan Billimoria

Skier, climber, runner

Esther Smith

Climber, skier, runner

Hayden Carpenter

Climber, skier, runner

Henry Cadwalader

Runner, paramedic

Aaron Vermut


Adriana Lopez Vermut


Amanda Hankison

Professional snowboarder

Amy Alfano

Trail runner, hiker, skier

Andrew Ding

Climber, skier

Andrew Richardson

Backcountry skier

Andy Schwertfeger

Backcountry skier

August White

Snowboarder, climber, photographer

Brady Casper

Backcountry skier

Brooke Maushund

Climber, ski mountaineer, Yosemite Valley SAR

Chris Marsden

Mountain biker

Chris Rey

Skier, mountain biker

Christian Merz

Backcountry skier, climber

Christopher Fisher

Runner, skier, mountain biker

Dan Long

Backcountry skier, surfer, runner

Devin Harris

Runner, biker, climber, snowboarder, skier

Eliza Eddy


Erich Roepke

Ski mountaineer, alpine climber, filmmaker

Fats Love

Horseback rider, runner, biker

Finn K. Hovem

Adventure skier, climber

Garrett Pierce

Telemark skier, martial artist

Jason Wegman

Runner, snowboarder

Jeremy Hollister

Skier, gravel biker

Jeremy Jones

Professional splitboarder

John Hoover

Skier, surfer

Judy Wellfare

Horseback rider, gravel biker, skier

Karen McJunkin

Skier, mountain biker

Ken Etzel

Photographer + filmmaker

Kyle Humason

Backcountry skier, climber, cyclist

Leo Franchi

Alpine climber, skier, mountaineer

Luke Biewick

Climber, backcountry skier, mountain biker, runner

Marcus Duda

Skier, cyclist, mountaineer

Mark Beevor

Biker, runner

Mason Daly

Climber, backcountry skier

Matt Segal

Professional climber

Mehul Patel


Mike Foote


Ming Poon

Splitboarder, climber, photographer

Nash Billimoria

Backcountry skier

Randy Hicks

Runner, climber

Ryan Hudson

Professional snowboarder

Scott Powers


Sofia Jaramillo

Skier, photographer + filmmaker

Susan Sims

Climber, mountaineer

Tom Twiggs

Skier, surfer, cyclist

Tyson Logan


Vasu Sojitra

Professional ninjasticking, via skiing and running

Will Peterson

Skier, mountain biker, runner

Zac Reynolds


Zach Bramel

Boulderer, climbing coach


High Performance is a Journey—And it Takes a Team.


If you are reading this, this is probably not your first go. You’ve driven down this road many times—you’ve trained, you’ve performed, you have had breakout moments. And then your performance stalled. Injuries set you back. Life got the better of your time.

If you’re on a journey to harness the full power of your athletic potential, we’re here to support you every step of the way.

  • Core Strength

  • Rotational Stability

  • Full-Body Tension


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