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Welcome to the Samsara Membership Portal! Here you’ll find everything you’ll need from our extensive video library to our custom built content just for our members. Explore below!

Welcome & Onboarding

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Registration Form

We’d love to get to know you better, and see how training fits in to your life. We may be able to help if there’s an obvious pain point.

Goal Setting Worksheet

At Samsara, we help you establish goals that are deeply motivating and attainable. We also help you establish goals where you’ll enjoy the journey even if you fall short of the finish line.


Assessment Intro Video Here
When you’re ready to complete your strength assessment, follow along with the video below and make your own COPY of the assessment worksheet below to record your scores.

Aerobic Threshold Testing

Testing and retesting is an effective way to measure your progress. We recommend Aerobic and Lactate Threshold testing.

Heart Rate Zones Info

Want to learn more about Heart Rate Zones before you do your Threshold testing? Read all about it here.

Heart Rate Zones Info

Training Plans

Included in your Membership is an intermediate, advanced and elite training plan.

Video Library

Our Athlete Team is meeting and talking about training every day. We record all of these conversations to share with you. This is a treasure trove of valuable information to inspire and advance your training. If you want to join the Athlete Team and be part of these discussions, we accept new athletes once per quarter and invite you to learn more and apply here.
Athlete IQReignite the Brain-Body Connection

More than strength and endurance, the never-ending development of athleticism is the heart of the Samsara Experience.

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