Summer Athlete Team Summit Jackson


July 24-27, 2021.
Athlete Team Summit– 4 Day Camping Weekend in the Tetons 
Open to Spring and Summer Athlete Team members only

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July 24-27, 2021.
Athlete Team Summit– 4 Day Camping Weekend in the Tetons 
Your registration ($489) includes: 
  • 4 nights of dispersed Camping (Friday thru Tuesday) in top secret Canyon 30 min from Jackson (no facilities)  We’ll hold the spot, bring your own camping gear. 4wd or high clearance preferred.
  • Season Celebration Dinner provided by Samsara (Sunday)

  • Recovery and mobility session led by Esther (Monday morning) 
  • 1/2 day Alpine Skills Clinic taught by Z (Monday mid day) 
  • Samsara Spartan Fest!  Samsara games at camp, winners will be crowned (Monday evening)
  • Live Dojo session at camp with Z (Tuesday morning)
  • Climbing Outing pack up your camp on Tuesday and we’ll leave mid-day for some climbing, you can depart afterwards at your leisure (all levels welcome (5.9+, byo gear)
  • Connect and play with your fellow athlete team members.  Don’t miss this special opportunity to hike, bike, trail run, and climb with your fellow team members.
  • We’re doing all the prep and planning so you can just show up and have a great time! 
If climbing The Grand* is on your bucket list, we’ll guide a group on Sunday for a 1 day climb (with Saturday as a prep day).  The add-on to climb The Grand is $2100 (therefore, $2589 total for the trip).
*The Grand or other Teton High Peak (conditions dependent).
If you’re not climbing The Grand, feel free to arrive any time on Friday, Saturday or Sunday.  Official activities will begin with the celebration dinner on Sunday evening.  Saturday and Sunday are for playing in the Tetons with your teammates.  This is less structured than the sessions hosted on Monday & Tuesday.
You are welcome to stay with friends in town or at a hotel, but you’ll probably miss all the fireside fun.  And it’s one price ($489) to join, so you might as well take advantage of joining the Samsara camp. 

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