Foolproof Habits Workshop for Mountain Athletes

If you are an athlete who struggles to make training a habit, you are not alone. Modern life has a way of consuming all of the oxygen in our lives, leaving us feeling like the habits that matter most, are the hardest to build. 

Training Habits are the railroad tracks that lead to athletic progress. Without them our athleticism follows our age, and once we enter our 30’s we are on a steady decline. Nagging injuries, a lack of athleticism and the inability to make meaningful progress at the sports we love all lead to a decline in the confidence that we have in our bodies.

If you are ready to accelerate your athleticism, build breakthrough strength, and supercharge your endurance – Samsara is offering a one time FREE Habits Workshop. In this 1 hour Live Session we will:

  1. Harness the power of neuroscience to make training as easy as any other habit, like brushing your teeth or making coffee. Replace motivation-driven training, with automation, so that training becomes automatic.
  2. Identify the purpose that drives your habit, in order to anchor your training to that purpose. Habits anchored in goals are fleeting, but habits anchored in a deep sense of personal purpose are almost impossible to lose track of. 
  3. Build an Implementation Plan that will automate the training process. You will know what to do, when, and where. You will have alternative micro-sessions that allow you to fit training in – even on the busiest of days.

The Workshop is hosted LIVE on Zoom at 5.30p MST on 01/04/2024. Enter your name below to receive an invite and instructions.

Foolproof Habits Workshop

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When You Are Serious About Making Change

If becoming the most athletic version of yourself is your list for 2024 – join the Athlete Team. Instead of taking a year to make the kind of progress you are looking for, do it in 12 weeks. 

The Athlete Team is a 12 week fully guided training experience that is designed to yield the most athletic version of yourself. We handle every detail: we design your custom plan, we deliver groundbreaking training method, and we support your journey with community and elite-level coaching. This is the fastest and most powerful online training experience in the world.

Registration CLOSES 01/05 at midnight MST. Check out the Athlete Team here.