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Take Your Training to the Next Level

Implemented by elite athletes across disciplines, this method is now available to you.

Assessment Matrix

Every Basecamp journey starts with a thorough assessment to calculate your baseline strength, aerobic threshold, and lactate threshold.


Training Plans

Whether you're starting or have been training for decades, you'll use the same plans developed and tested by our team of world-class athletes.


Gain access to an extensive—and continuously growing—video library of five-star training content from our coaches and our athlete team.


Full-Spectrum Training

Set Goals

Establish the training goals that matter most to you, break down the steps to get there, and hold yourself accountable along the way.


Choose a plan based on your baseline and personal goals, then select add-ons to fine tune your overall training program.


Target every facet of human performance from maximum strength to all-day endurance to sport-specific athleticism.


Determine your baseline metrics and measure your progress with our guided Samsara Assessment Matrix.


Gain a better understanding of your body and the biology behind the method, and take control of your own physiology.


Manage your plan, track your workouts, measure your progress, and access an extensive library of content all in one location.


Harness the full power of your athletic potential, develop resilience to prevent injury, and transform the way you move.


Experience the next level and expand your horizons on what you thought was previously possible.

While our Athlete Team is scheduled into four training cycles per year, Basecamp members can join and start training at home anytime, on a month-to-month basis.

Unlock Your Athletic Potential


Take the Assessment

We’ll guide you through The Samsara Assessment Matrix to help you determine your current baseline fitness, which will help you determine the best-fitting plan for you. We also encourage you to re-test every three months to measure your progress.


Choose Your Training Plan

Whether you’re an endurance athlete, a strength-based athlete, or want to do it all, we have a training plan that fits your needs. Use your results from the assessment to self-select to the best plan for you. This plan will grow with you over the seasons to come.


Start Your Workouts

Train from home with only an eight-by-eight foot space and basic equipment. We’ll guide you through weekly workouts, complete with exercise video demonstrations and AthleteIQ sessions, and provide you with a digital logbook to record your progress.

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Samsara Athlete Team

Basecamp has everything you need to begin the journey toward high-level athleticism, but if at some point you find that you also want a direct connection with your coaches and an expanded athlete community, you can join the Athlete Team.

As a Basecamp member you will get the highest priority in the selection process because you are already integrated into our method.


Answers to our most common questions.

While none of our programs are well-suited to beginners, seasoned athletes of every level will find a training plan that fits, whether you’re new to systematic training, recovery from an injury, or have decades under your belt.

Once you join Basecamp and complete the Athlete Assessment, we’ll recommend the best training plan for you. You’ll also have the option to switch between levels as you progress or change your goals from season to season.

We try to remove all barriers to training so you can do it from home, no matter your setup, but you will need at least an eight-by-eight foot floor space and the following items:

  • Pull-up bar
  • Gymnastic rings or TRX-style suspension straps
  • Kettlebell(s)
  • Adjustable dumbbells
  • Stability ball
  • Rope medicine ball
  • Plyo/step-up box (a sturdy cooler or coffee table will suffice)
  • Hangboard (for climbers)

All Basecamp members will receive access to the Athlete Assessment Matrix to measure baseline fitness; training plans developed and tested by our team of world-class athletes; our custom training log to record and track progress; and an extensive—and continuously growing—video library of training content, including individual exercise demonstrations, guided workouts, injury rehabilitation sessions, lectures on the science of training, and Q&As with our coaches.

At Samsara, we don’t just train you, we also explain the why behind what we do and share the research that’s guiding our methods.

Training cycles are 12 weeks long and split into three individual phases: Foundation (weeks 1-4), Intensity (weeks 5-8), and Readiness (weeks 9-12).

The Foundation Phase focuses on aerobic capacity, tissue capacity, and movement capacity. The goal of the Intensity Phase is maximum strength development. And the Readiness Phase places an emphasis on speed, power, and sport-specific movement.

After the 12-week cycle, we encourage you to re-test your fitness and assess whether to move up to the next level or stay on course, then jump back into another cycle.

Individual workouts and overall training volume will differ depending on the training phase, your baseline fitness, and your personal goals, but in general, you can expect three to six endurance days (running, skiing, or cycling), two to three strength workouts, and two recovery sessions per week, along with time to do your sport.

Of course—although we don’t claim it will be easy. The majority of Basecamp members work full-time, whether that’s at a desk or outside, and are passionate multi-sport athletes. We understand life is busy and can often get in the way of performance. Between work, family, play, and other responsibilities, it can be a challenge to program and manage your own training, so let us guide your journey and take the guesswork out of the equation.

If you’re still not sure you can make the commitment, start with the Bodyweight Strength Program where you can train anytime, anywhere, with little to no equipment. Every purchase comes with lifetime access and you can start training immediately.

Each week is structured with a sequence of development, stimulation, and recovery to optimize your training, so it’s important to stick to the outline. But life happens—we get it.

If you miss one workout due to a scheduling conflict or fatigue, re-configure your schedule that week, if possible, or continue with your training program as planned. If you miss two or more workouts in a given week, we recommend repeating the week so you don’t fall off the progression and overload your body while trying to catch up.

Basecamp is for the motivated athlete who is looking for next-level performance. In the world of coaching, many options exist within a single dimension or energy system—there are excellent strength programs and excellent endurance programs. We are both, and everything in between. We train across the energy system spectrum to elevate your overall athleticism and performance, no matter how you play outside.

Our goal is to strip away every barrier to your progress and provide you with a full suite of training plans, exercise videos, and educational resources to help you reach your athletic potential.

Yes! As a Basecamp Member you will get the highest priority in the selection process for the Athlete Team because you are already integrated into our method. The team is limited to 50 athletes per training cycle (four cycles per year). If you miss the start of a season, we highly recommend that you join Basecamp to get a head start on the next opportunity to join.

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