Samsara Movement Workshop

Cultivate Your Athleticism at the Roots of Human Movement


Who is it for?

Athletes from across the spectrum of sport, seeking to accelerate their athleticism.

What is it? 

A full-day Movement Workshop. Expect an all-day, zero-equipment workout in 5 phases: Roll, crawl, step, throw, jump.

What will I get out of it?

  • The tools to improve your athleticism by developing your natural biomechanics
  • Reduce movement pain with a practice that you can integrate into your daily routine
  • 5 Phase Progression: Roll, Crawl, Step, Jump, Throw – to progress over time

What do you need to bring?

Come ready to workout. You will want to be barefoot in shorts and a t-shirt with plenty of water. Bring (1) Kettlebell (10-20lbs depending on your size/strength) and a Tomahawk (1-sided adjustable dumbbell).



  • March 19, 2023
    • 9am - 3pm


  • $150


  • Limited to 25 people

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More About Your Instructors

Zahan Billimoria

Movement Coach, IFMGA Mountain Guide & Athlete

"In 2020, I survived a near-fatal avalanche accident. It wasn't strength or endurance that saved my life that day, it was a movement instinct. That left me wondering: Can movement be trained? Can athleticism be improved? Is there a thread that connects all forms of athleticism?

That search took me back to tracing the origins of human movement, and the chapters of evolution that we have taken from early hominins, to modern homo sapiens. What crystallized for me is that the athletes we are today is an accumulation of our 8 million year movement habits. By honing our evolutionary athletic traits, we can improve our modern performance."

Esther Smith

Doctor of Physical Therapy, Samsara Coach & Athlete

Esther is a lifelong climber and runner who has been studying Physiology and Movement for 15 years.

Her experience has taught her that training isn't just about a singular physical goal, it's about creating a physical transformation that improves our ability to breathe, move and recover.

Her work with a wide array of athletes has led her to focus on outcomes of introspection, resilience and community building - through movement.

More About the Workshop

The Samsara Movement Workshop is an exploration of human locomotion, inspired by sports ranging from running and climbing to martial arts and throwing sports.

We begin with quadrupedal movements, rolls and crawling before we transition to walking, running, jumping & throwing movements. In this stage we focus on slow and controlled movement patterning.

In the Athlete IQ phase we increase speed, agility and rebound. We learn to harness the elastic capacity of the body to increase the contribution of the fascia system, and increase the efficiency and speed of your athleticism.

Photos: Keegan Rice

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