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Sunset below the Liberty Ridge. Photo by Fred Marmsater

High Performance is a Journey. And it Takes a Team. 

If you are reading this, this is probably not your first go. You’ve driven down this road many times—you’ve trained, you’ve performed, you have had breakout moments. And then your performance stalled. Injuries set you back. Life got the better of your time. 

If you’re on a journey to harness the full power of your athletic potential, we’re here to support you every step of the way.

Ben Hoiness and Z on the Liberty Ridge, Mount Rainier. Photo by Fred Marmsater

Athlete Team FAQ

Answers to common questions about our team

I’ve submitted my application. Now what?

Applications will be reviewed as they come in, and you’ll receive a personal reply from a member of our staff within 24 hours. If the Samsara Staff feel we’re not a good fit for you, we’ll let you know right away. If we feel like you’re a good fit, the staff will be making final selections in December and we'll let you know immediately. Onboarding and assessments will happen in late December, and you should be ready to start training January 5th!

What happens if I apply and don't get accepted?

We will prioritize athletes who have already applied going forward. We will be adding more spots to the team in the near future. And stay tuned for a new program launching in November for overflow applicants.

When is the next selection period?

The next application window is December 15-20, 2020 for training to start January 5th, 2021.

How does virtual team-training work?

All of our virtual training and coaching sessions are done live online over video conferencing. We use Google Groups and GChat to communicate within the athlete community as well. You can meet and train with athletes from all over the world, and have access to top coaches without ever leaving your house.

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