Become a Lifelong Athlete In 21 Days

The Step-by-Step Guide To Forming Lifelong Training Habits

Achieve Your Goals, The Easy Way

There comes a time when the gap between your daily habits and the athlete you want to be becomes undeniable. This course is designed to build a new training habit that leads you to your most athletic self. 

No more grind, no more relying on motivation. We make training a habit, so that it becomes as easy as making coffee so that you do it every day. 

Close the gap by replacing motivation with automation. We make training as easy as making coffee so that you do it every day.

The 7 Laws of Habits Formation: 

  1. Establish Your Purpose
  2. Optimize Your Space
  3. Use Visualization Tactics
  4. Harness the Power of Repetition
  5. Follow the 1% Better Mindset
  6. Implement Done is Better than Perfect 
  7. Reward & Celebrate

Established in neuroscience and tested by over 230 adventure athletes, the 21-Day Course is a roadmap to replacing the boom & bust cycle of fitness with a lifelong training habit. We will give you fully-guided strength and mobility videos. Just press play and follow along.  

Do the Work. We Guarantee the Results*

Complete the course, and in 21 days training will become easier to do, than to avoid. You will have laid the groundwork for a lifelong training habit.  If not, we will refund your course fee, AND work with you for another 21 days to ingrain your habit. 


Package Includes:

  • Our Training Habits Mini-Course
  • Strength & Mobility Workout Videos
  • Training Habit Private Community Chat

Equipment Required:

  • 1 – 3 Kettlebells (~15 to 30% bodyweight)
  • Pull-up bar (optional but helpful)
  • Floor space (8 by 8 feet)

How Does the 21 Day Course Work?

Step 1: Take the Habit Mini-Course

Habits are like train tracks; you have to build them before you can ride on them. We teach you how to build the tracks that will form the foundation of your lifelong training habits. 

Step 2: Connect with the Community

In a recent study by Dr. Gail Matthews, individuals who wrote down and shared their goals were 33% more likely to achieve them. The community acts as a tailwind to our progress. We integrated a community chat where coaches and athletes engage to share the wins and challenges of building a new training habit. 

Step 3: Start Training

We have a 21 day plan to keep you moving. We integrate Mobility, Strength, and Recovery days to supplement outdoor play.  Each day, you get a guided workout video. Press play, and follow along. It’s that easy. Our platform automatically tracks your progress and shows you how far you have come. 

Become A Lifelong Athlete in 21 Days

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*Disclaimer: Results may vary.  To qualify for a refund and an additional 21 days of training, you must complete all course activities.