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Big Mountain Snow Safety Event

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Photos: Beau Fredlund

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Photos: Beau Fredlund

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Hungry to ride the big lines but hesitant to take the next step? Welcome to the 2024 Big Mountain Snow Safety Event. For over a decade Samsara has helped skiers and riders develop a systematic approach to climbing & riding in the high alpine.

Teton Range. February 23-26, 2024.

From expedition leaders to film crews, professional athletes, to everyday adventurers – the Big Mountain Snow Safety Event is designed to help you develop an intimate understanding of snow, and a toolbox of technical skills to navigate the mountains.


Mali Noyes
Mali Noyes@malinoyes
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“Last week I was in the Tetons with these three ladies and the mountain wizard @zahanbillimoria. It was a jam packed 4 days of class time mixed with full days in the mountains. Z pushed us on leading and thinking critically through every aspect of big mountain skiing and I loved it! There is so much I have to say, like getting to know and being taught by Z, moving and working with a strong team of ladies, details of moving efficiently through the mountains and the highly competitive walk-mode rallies to the car!"

From ‘Being Home’

“Zahan is that rare breed of modest mountain expert; he has decades of experience navigating avalanche terrain, and yet no matter your skill level, your input is accepted without judgment. When in the field with Z, it is not just that all are welcome at the table—all are required. Unlike some of my past guided experiences, with him there was never any posturing or condescension.”

“The lessons from Z’s course have stuck with us, etched themselves into our decision-making models. We are on our own, decisions and consequences wholly ours to manage, and that space feels good.”

-Emilé Zynobia

“Zahan is a true Jedi Master when it comes to big mountain training. His passion and knowledge of the mountains is second to none. Zahan brings a modern approach to the evolution of big mountain travel.“

Big Mountain Snow Safety Instructors

Aaron Diamond

Aaron is a big mountain snowboarder, an avalanche educator, and an AMGA splitboard and rock guide based in Jackson, Wyoming. He has made numerous first descents in the Tetons, Alaska Range, and the Andes. “The Big Mountain Snow Safety Course is a chance for me to impart what I have learned to a new generation of adventurers,” he says. “I draw from my personal experience of remote expeditions and first descents, combined with my ongoing study of snow—these are the ingredients I rely on, and am passionate to share with high-level skiers and riders.”

Adam Fabrikant

In his constant pursuit of learning and personal growth, Adam has clocked an absurd amount of time in the alpine environment while climbing and skiing the world’s greatest mountain ranges. Based in the Tetons, he is an IFMGA-certified guide and professional avalanche forecaster. “Skiing in the high peaks involves a high level of uncertainty. Over the years I’ve made mistakes and seen firsthand the consequences of poor decision making,” he says. “By sharing what I’ve learned from my own failures and successes in the mountains I hope to impart the nuances of decision making and ultimately give you the tools to navigate a lifetime of adventures in the wildest of places.”

Zahan Billimoria

Zahan is a passionate big mountain skier based in Jackson, Wyoming and the owner of Samsara Experience. He has spent his life in constant pursuit of a deeper understanding of how to survive the dangerous game of high-alpine skiing and riding. Z is also an IFMGA-certified mountain guide. “I started the Big Mountain Snow Safety Program in 2013 to train high-level independent skiers and riders on their path to adventure in the greater ranges of the world,” he says. “This program is where we share everything we’ve learned. We teach from the heart, we share from our mistakes, and we do our absolute best to prepare you to make your own decisions in the uncertain world of big mountain riding.”

Morgan McGlashon

A lifelong Teton resident and skier, Morgan is a passionate teacher, mountain guide, and steward of the Tetons. She is a passionate Big Mountain skier and guide based in the Tetons. Morgan has completed ski mountaineering descents and human powered adventures around the world that have helped build a niche skillset for moving through terrain and skiing in wild places. “I love spending my time in the snow with others and hope to instill confidence and competence in anyone who wishes to be there," she says. "The Big Mountain Snow Safety Course is an incredible venue to share stories and lessons learned from a life in the mountains.”

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