There is no blueprint to surviving the high-risk world of big mountain riding – only lessons forged through experience. We have dedicated our lives to surviving this complex world, learning from mistakes and close calls. Our mission is to empower the next generation of big mountain riders, through cutting edge education.

– Zahan Billimoria, Mountain Guide

Riding big mountains requires an intimate understanding of snow, technical rope skills, and a humble mindset.

Our courses are certified through the American Avalanche Institute (AAI) and meet American Avalanche Association Standards.

Snow Safety

A course for dedicated teams of high level backcountry riders. We dive deeply into the study of snow, complex terrain management and developing a culture of communication in your crew.

Big Mountain
Snow Safety

A course for independent adventurers, professional freeride athletes on the hunt for the next level of big mountain riding.

Proprietary technical rope systems designed for high alpine riding, cutting edge snow study. For riders at the highest level.

Big Mountain
Company Workshop

Company-wide avalanche training and technical skills education for snow-sports brands and organizations.

Avalanche Guides

Aaron Diamond

Aaron is a big mountain snowboarder, avalanche educator and AMGA splitboard guide based in Jackson Wyoming. Aaron has made numerous first descents in the Tetons, Alaska Range and the Andes. “The Big Mountain Snow Safety Course is a chance for me to impart what I have learned to a new generation of adventurers. I draw from my personal experience of remote expeditions and first descents, combined with my ongoing study of snow – these are the ingredients I rely on, and am passionate to share with high level skiers and riders.”

Billy Haas

Billy was raised in the the Northeast, but cut his teeth in the Tetons.  Billy is an internationally certified IFMGA mountain guide, and splits time between Jackson Hole, WY and Salt Lake City, UT.  In addition to his work as a mountain guide, Billy is a professional avalanche instructor and forecaster.  “Technical, human powered climbing and skiing in big mountains is what I love. I have been fortunate to experience some of the greatest mountain ranges in the world, which have been the forging ground for the mindset and skills that I share in the Big Mountain Snow Safety Course. 

Zahan Billimoria

Zahan is a passionate big mountain skier based in Jackson and the owner of Samsara Experience. He has spent his life in constant pursuit of a deeper understanding of how to survive the dangerous game of high alpine skiing and riding. “I started the Big Mountain Snow Safety Program in 2013 to train high level independent skiers and riders on their path to adventure in the greater ranges of the world. This program is where we share everything we’ve learned, we teach from the heart, we share from our mistakes – and we do our absolute best to prepare you to make your own decisions in the uncertain world of big mountain riding.

I came away with a much greater understanding of snow. Z’s ability to read snowpack and make tough judgment calls is like nothing I’ve ever seen—a true pleasure to travel with and a great person to learn from, especially in high-consequence terrain.

– Ian McIntosh, Professional Big Mountain Skier

Big Mountain Workshop

Mountain Education for Snow Sport Brands

Zahan is a true Jedi Master when it comes to big mountain training. His passion and knowledge of the mountains is second to none. Zahan brings a modern approach to the evolution of big mountain travel.

Todd Jones. Creator of International Pro Riders Workshop. Teton Gravity Research Founder and Owner

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