Mandala Athlete Team

$350.00 on the 3rd of each month and a $100.00 sign-up fee

Train at home. No equipment needed.

The modern athlete is short on time, high on injuries, and feels too old too early. When life’s obligations take center stage, the dreams we let go of are often the ones that matter most. The Athlete Team is a comprehensive solution to discovering the most athletic version of yourself. Perform in the mountains while training at home using minimal equipment. Results in 10 days, transformation in 3 months.

Over the last 15 years we have helped hundreds of ordinary people become lifelong athletes, using a 3 Step Formula:

1. Make Training a Habit, Not a Grind
2. Use a Science-Driven Training Method
3. Create Community & Accountability

First payment: August 3, 2024

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Hear it From Our Athletes: 

“I have to send a huge shout out to you at the (Athlete Team) crew. Just returned from 14 days in the Alps. Your system works! I could never have been able to pull this off without the knowledge I’ve gleaned from the team. Hard to articulate, but ever since I walked into this community [I’ve learned] that teammates who support you, are the biggest attribute to success. Blessed and grateful!” – Joe Knoedler 

“When I hurt my back I always knew I’d return to being active – what scared me was the feeling that the return would lead to another injury. Training through Samsara has helped me rediscover movement & activity, but it’s done it in a more sustaining & empowering way. Yes, future injuries are always a possibility, but this training has helped me grow to be more in tune with my body & aware of my training.” – Will Peterson

“I came for the coaching and I’ve stayed for the community. Traditional training is often a lonely pursuit. The athlete team has proven to be a tightly knit, diverse crew with whom it’s a privilege to share the journey. Having a space to bring our challenges, curiosity and expertise has been an unexpected and welcome addition to my life. My teammates make my training more effective and more rewarding; and I hope I’m improving their experience, too.” – Andrew Richardson, Athlete & Coach




By registering for the Athlete Team – Mandala Monthly Payment, you are committing to the full season for $1050, no refunds.

Today’s deposit is $100, which will be deducted from your first month’s draw.

This is a recurring payment of $350 on the 3rd of every month that will continue until you state that you would like to change levels or leave the Athlete Team, which must be done in between seasons.

To change levels or cancel between seasons, please email

Thank you!