Meet Dr. Esther Smith

Esther Smith is a Doctor of Physical Therapy, Black Diamond Ambassador, Pilates instructor, and founder of Grassroots Physical Therapy and SelfTreatment.com. Esther offers education, manual therapy and treatment that addresses the underlying cause of symptoms and aids in the prevention of future injury. She combines her lived experience as a climber, runner and skier with her expertise in musculoskeletal assessment to bring people into their own ideal alignment.

Esther is a highly sought after practitioner who recognized the limits of strictly treating individuals in the clinic. Through lectures, remote consultations, video content, and writing, she shares her knowledge and process to empower others to become their own body mechanics. From a deep, insatiable understanding of physiology, biomechanics and the mind-body connection, Esther teaches her clients and audience to develop a strong center from which to explore the edges of human potential through movement.

Esther has joined the Samsara team as our resident PT, a Samsara Athlete and has begun a six month mentorship with Zahan to become a future Samsara coach. We are on this journey together, let’s go.

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