Rope Systems for Big Mountain Riding

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Steep riding in high alpine is a dark art where freeriding meets alpinism. Ready yourself for the challenges of steep lines by developing a technical rope system purpose built for skiers & riders.

Many ski & snowboard alpinists use techniques borrowed from rock climbing. But rock climbing is an entirely different application of the rope & these rope systems are heavy, slow to deploy and often unsafe.

Zahan Billimoria is an IFMGA Guide and Big Mountain Skier who has helped pioneer ski/ride specific rope systems that have been used all over the world, from La Grave, to the Tetons and the High Andes.

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Who is the workshop for?

Backcountry skiers and riders seeking to add more security while venturing into steep & technical terrain.

In this 2-hour workshop, you will learn:

✅ The only 3 knots & hitches that every Big Mountain Rider must know

✅ How to build an ultralight technical kit for ski mountaineering

✅ How to pre-rig the rope in your pack for common ski/ride applications

✅ How to swiss-coil a rope in under 30 sec, in any conditions

✅ How to deploy a rope for managing cliffs & cornices – without removing your pack

✅ How to rig a ski rappel in 50% less time, while adding more security

This is going to be a game changing workshop that will massively enhance any ski or snowboard mountaineer’s technical system. We will be moving fast through the material but you will have opportunities to ask questions & I will send the recording to every registrant.

PLUS: I will send you our new Rope Systems Instructional Video Series for FREE, so that you can learn and practice the techniques at home.

Refunds & Cancellations

There are no refunds or cancellations, but if you are not able to attend live we will still send you the recording and the Rope Systems Instructional Video Series.