Intermediate - Advanced Level

Big Mountain Company Workshop

Mountain Education For Snow Sports Brands

For the past 5 years Samsara Mountain Experience has been teaching courses for some of the biggest brands in the Snow Sports industry including Patagonia, Teton Gravity Research & Brain Farm.

This 3-day workshop provides a comprehensive approach to big mountain safety. Our team of professional guides and educators specialize in every aspect of the game, from snow assessment to wilderness medicine and from high-angle rescue to technical rope skills for steep skiing. We cover every facet of the big mountain experience, partnering with you every step of the way, out and back.

Zahan is a true Jedi master when it comes to big mountain training. His passion and knowledge of the mountains are second to none. Zahan’s brings a modern approach to the evolution of big mountain travel.

Todd Jones, Teton Gravity Research Founder and Owner Creator of International Pro Riders Workshop

Program Specifics

Course Duration

3 Days (With Optional 1-Day Add-On)


December 2020 - Feb 2021


Varies based on # of participants and location


Teton Pass, Jackson, WY

CORE CONTENT (included in program)

Metamorphism of Snow
Understanding the Season History
The Complete Picture of Stability
Complex Rescue
Interpretation of Stability Tests
High Angle Terrain Management
Temperature Effects on Avalanche Release
Decision-Making Framework for Ski Alpinism
Stacking, Coiling, and Pre-rigging for Ski Alpinism
Belay techniques for Slab Management
Stances Anchors and Advanced Transitions
Multi-Stage Rappelling

Student Resume Requirements

Please read the prerequisites carefully. If you don’t meet the requirements but are keen to move in this direction, taking this course pre-maturely will not accelerate your learning.

Consider taking an American Avalanche Institute Level II, or a Private Avalanche course with Samsara.

  • Minimum 8 years of human-powered backcountry riding experience
  • Completed American Avalanche Association Level I & II Avalanche courses within the past
  • 5 years 5 documented ski descents of 45-degree or steeper backcountry terrain
  • 5 documented ski descents involving 6000’+ in a day
  • Documented snow assessment, and decision-making experience in at least 2 different mountain ranges
  • Proficiency with multiple burials – 2 beacons in a 50m x 50m area, probe strike within 7mins.

Limited Availability of Big Mountain Workshops for the 2020-2021 Season

To apply for one of our limited spots, please contact us below.


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