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Andrew came to Samsara as a member of the athlete team in 2021. A relative latecomer to organized training, he understands viscerally the incredible changes generated by a full-spectrum training habit. As a busy dad, he also knows how hard it can be to fit training into life.

His goal as a coach is to give people the tools they need to hone their athleticism through movement, habit-building and play. Andrew lives in Seattle with his partner and their two fantastic kids. He spends the snowy months as a ski guide and avalanche educator.

Andrew’s athletic journey is a testament to the human body’s incredible adaptability. When he started backcountry skiing in his mid 20s, he was kicking a pack-a-day smoking habit. By his mid 30s, he was still an overweight, sedentary weekend warrior. At 40, unable to resist the snowy mountains, Andrew abandoned a city job to pursue a career in the wild. Now well into his 40s, he is stronger, fitter, and more athletic than he’s ever been.

Andrew came to Samsara for the coaching and stayed for the community. He believes traditional training is often a lonely pursuit and what makes Samsara so different is that the athlete team is a tightly knit, diverse crew with whom it is his privilege to share the joys and challenges of training and life.

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