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Sasha is a professional skier turned meditation teacher who loves the mental game. She has spent her lifetime training her mind and body. Sasha competed at the highest level of skiing and mountain biking, winning the Freeskiing World Tour and competing on the Freeride World Tour and Enduro World Series.

Initially finding her way to Samsara as a self-coached athlete, the philosophy that “every human is an athlete” resonated. Now a Samsara coach, Sasha understands firsthand how our bodies and minds are incredibly capable, trainable across the lifespan, and how we can rehab injuries to even greater performance.

Additionally a meditation consultant at Samsara, Sasha is the founder and director of Mountain Mind Project. Her meditation practice grew out of her time as a competitive athlete. Sasha saw – in herself and those she loved – how accidents, trauma and life’s load can compound over an outdoor career. During years of illness and chronic pain, Sasha deepened her meditation practice, logging hours on retreat and becoming a qualified Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Teacher by the UCSD School of Medicine MBPTI. Sasha’s style of meditation is to engage fully within the inherent risk of life, refined from her time spent in the inherent risk environment of mountains.

The daughter and granddaughter of Vietnam war refugees, Sasha keeps one foot planted in the Mountain West of the U.S. and the other in the Mekong of Vietnam.

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