Training Plan

12-Week 5.12 Rock Climbing Plan

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Welcome to the future! We believe the 5.12 Plan represents a quantum leap forward in climbing training. Unlike any training plan on the market, this plan reflects our decade long study of the science of movement, and the contribution of the fascia-system to human athletic performance.

5.12 is a massive grade! From your local clip-up jug haul, to Moonlight Buttress this plan is for the full range of 5.12 climbers and (V6-9) boulderers.

Rooted in the study of human locomotion, the Samsara Training Method won’t just dramatically improve your climbing-specific strength, power and muscle endurance, it will also transform the way you move on rock. Expect a total transformation of your climbing performance in 12 weeks.

This training plan includes Climb IQ: Movement & Mobility Program, aerobic, and strength training sessions along with detailed coach notes, exercise video demonstrations, and a personal digital training log. The plan is yours for life. Start it whenever you want and repeat it as many times as you’d like.


Minimum Performance Guarantee

Climb 2 letter grades harder after 12 weeks – or we will give you ANY new training plan for free.


You must complete at least 75% of the sessions in your plan (send us your training log), and if you aren’t climbing 2 letter grades harder (5.11c to 5.12a, for example) we will give you a FREE coupon to any other Samsara training plan at no cost.

Package Includes:

  • 12-week training plan
  • Aerobic, strength, and mobility workouts (including hangboarding)
  • Climb IQ: Movement & Mobility Program
  • Exercise video demonstrations
  • Hangboard Training Guide
  • Climbing Training Guide
  • Digital training log

Equipment Required:

Example Week - Foundation Phase


Aerobic and Hangboard Workout

  • Zone 1 40-60 mins Run, Hike, or Ride
  • 20 mins Tissue Capacity Hangboard Session


Strength & Climb Workout

  • Climbing: ARC volume session (can be outdoors)
  • Climb IQ Movement Session
  • Strength Session


Aerobic & Hangboard Workout

  • 30-40 mins Fartlek Run, Hike, or Ride
  • 20mins Max Strength Hangboard Session


Strength Workout

  • Climb IQ Movement Session
  • Strength Session
  • Climbing Project Session


Aerobic Workout

  • Zone 1 50 mins Run, Hike, or Ride


Climb and/or Aerobic Workout

Climbing: Climb Outside with friends using our 3×5 route session guidelines OR

We include a Fitness Circuit if you can’t get to the crag/gym (minimal equipment)

Aerobic Workout: Overdistance. Go long, go slow, avoid rests, and train fasted when possible


Climb and/or Aerobic Workout

  • Aerobic Workout: Overdistance
“Every summer I struggled to translate my skiing fitness into the rock climbing season. But training with Samsara has helped me balance improving my athleticism and strength without sacrificing my time and performance in the mountains. I’m looking forward to going into the next season to fight!”
“This has been my first real foray into training for climbing, and the effect is noticeable. I am climbing grades harder and confidently onsighting pitches I was too intimidated to even get on before. Training with Samsara has made me safer at work and while climbing with friends.”
"I appreciate the most about Samsara the way it treats training holistically. I was able to stay psyched to train, continue to send some of the hardest rock climbs of my life, and run my hardest in my first race of any kind. I'd highly recommend training with Z and the Samsara approach!"
Leo Franchi
Samsara Athlete

Full-Spectrum Training Method

Human physiology is remarkable. From split-second explosiveness to incredible feats of endurance, the breadth of our athletic capacity makes us unique in the animal kingdom. If the study of human biology tells us one thing, it’s that we are built for well-rounded performance. But when it comes to training, too many athletes get stuck in the middle, going a bit too hard, yet at the same time not hard enough.

We’ve seen professional climbers who can’t run a mile and elite-level marathoners who can’t shovel their own driveways. Hyper-specialization comes at a significant cost—and limits overall athletic performance.

Training should add more to your life than it takes away. We believe that achieving your athletic potential requires a full-spectrum approach, no matter your sport or passions. Our method is designed to optimize the contribution of all three energy systems; increase your biomechanics, coordination, and elasticity; and elevate your innate athleticism for peak performance. 

Training Plan

12-Week 5.12 Rock Climbing Plan

Max Strength | Steady-State Endurance | Athlete IQ