Training Plan

12-Week Big Mountain Skiing Plan

Steady-State Endurance | Max Strength | Athlete IQ


Dry-land training doesn’t need to be dull. Our big mountain plan follows our full-spectrum training method, weaving aerobic endurance, maximum strength, and Athlete IQ into your training every week for continuous gains without the grind.

We designed this 12-week plan to hone your alpine performance pre-season (fall) so you’re ready to crush vert and big lines come winter. But you can continue to use it for maintenance throughout the ski season. The plan is scalable to all levels and allows you to customize your aerobic volume to suit your needs.

Every training plan includes Athlete IQ, aerobic, and strength training sessions, along with detailed coach notes, exercise video demonstrations, and a personal digital training log. The plan is yours for life. Start it whenever you want and repeat it as many times as you’d like.


Package Includes:

Equipment Required:

Example Week - Readiness Phase


Aerobic Workout

Fartlek. Easy Zone 1 session with a few Zone 3 pickups in increments of 30 seconds to 5 minutes (12 minutes total).


Strength Workout

  • Athlete IQ: Push – Level 2 session
  • Isometric Pistol Squat
  • Lateral Bound
  • Concentric Box Jump
  • Rolling Concentric Pistol Squat


Aerobic Workout

Zone 1 recovery. Slow, steady cruising. Hike, bike, or run. Uphill terrain preferred.


Strength Workout

  • Athlete IQ: Pull – Level 2 session
  • Single-Leg Step-Up
  • Masai Bound
  • Long Crawl
  • Stability Ball Lunge


Aerobic Workout

Uphill bounding. Carry a pack with up to 20% of your body weight. Perform three steady uphill climbs (with poles). Active rest between efforts.


Strength Workout

  • Athlete IQ: Recovery IQ
  • Forefoot Isometric
  • Single-Leg Lateral Rebound
  • Tomahawk Infinity Loop
  • Rolling Concentric Pistol Squat


Aerobic Workout

Overdistance run or power hike. Go long, go slow, avoid rests, and train fasted when possible. Use poles on uphill terrain. Carry a 10- to 15-lbs pack if hiking.

“I was told by my doctor that I should have a third surgery ASAP. But I decided to try pre-hab for at least a month before another surgery, so I began the Samsara training program. Now I’m standing on summits, I’m skiing, and I can get around in daily life way better than I even knew I could back then.”
“As an adventure photographer and filmmaker, I need to be proficient in many different disciplines, from climbing to skiing, all with the load of camera equipment. Samsara has helped me move more freely in the mountains and has increased my confidence when approaching the edge of my comfort zone.”
“Working with Z has been a game changer. For the first time in my life, I am training with a purpose—to improve my abilities in the alpine backcountry. I’ve seen noticeable improvement, but I know it’s only the beginning. I am truly excited for the next chapter of the Samsara training experience.”
Mehul Patel
Backcountry Skier

Full-Spectrum Training Method

Human physiology is remarkable. From split-second explosiveness to incredible feats of endurance, the breadth of our athletic capacity makes us unique in the animal kingdom. If the study of human biology tells us one thing, it’s that we are built for well-rounded performance. But when it comes to training, too many athletes get stuck in the middle, going a bit too hard, yet at the same time not hard enough.

We’ve seen professional climbers who can’t run a mile and elite-level marathoners who can’t shovel their own driveways. Hyper-specialization comes at a significant cost—and limits overall athletic performance.

Training should add more to your life than it takes away. We believe that achieving your athletic potential requires a full-spectrum approach, no matter your sport or passions. Our method is designed to optimize the contribution of all three energy systems; increase your biomechanics, coordination, and elasticity; and elevate your innate athleticism for peak performance. 

Training Plan

12-Week Big Mountain Skiing Plan

Steady-State Endurance | Max Strength | Athlete IQ