Training Plan

12-Week Trail Running Plan

Steady-State Endurance | Max Strength | Athlete IQ


Running performance involves much more than the size of your aerobic engine. It’s an elastic event. To cover distance efficiently, we rely on elastic rebound—the body’s natural ability to store and release energy—every time the foot strikes the ground. 

Our trail running plan combines the time-tested MAF (Maximum Aerobic Function) approach to building aerobic capacity along with our Athlete IQ work to hone biomechanics, coordination, and elasticity, allowing you to go further, and faster, with the same energy output. Lastly, we layer on strength training to improve tendon capacity, reduce injury risk, and correct movement dysfunction common to many runners.

The plan is scalable to all levels with its built-in aerobic volume formula, which allows you to customize your starting point based on your current fitness, goals, and available time.

Every training plan includes Athlete IQ, aerobic, and strength training sessions following our full-spectrum training method, along with detailed coach notes, exercise video demonstrations, and a personal digital training log. The plan is yours for life. Start it whenever you want and repeat it as many times as you’d like.


Package Includes:

Equipment Required:

Example Week - Foundation Phase


Aerobic Workout

Zone 1 recovery run. Slow and steady. Avoid rests and spiking heart rate. 


Strength Workout

  • Athlete IQ: Pull – Level 1 session
  • Ground Force Row
  • Isometric Pistol Squat
  • Sidekick Push-Up
  • Stability Ball Baseline


Aerobic Workout

Fartlek. Easy Zone 1 session with a few Zone 3 pickups in increments of 30 seconds to 5 minutes (12 minutes total).


Strength Workout

  • Athlete IQ: Push – Level 1 session
  • Single-Leg Bodyweight Squat
  • Forefoot Isometric
  • Crawl
  • Stability Ball Bronco


Aerobic Workout

Zone 1 run. Slow and steady. Avoid rests and spiking heart rate.

Recovery IQ session.


Strength Workout

  • Athlete IQ: Pull – Level 1 session
  • Knee-to-Elbow Plank
  • Starfish
  • Megaplank
  • Stability Ball Back Kick


Aerobic Workout

Overdistance run. Go long, go slow, avoid rests, and train fasted when possible.

"I went for my first run in years, and it felt amazing. I couldn't believe it. It just felt really good, and I'm psyched on how my [injured] knee is feeling."
"Training that rebound in your feet, the Ground Force work, when I'm running I can feel it. The way that you're creating tension in your feet feels like your body is connected head to toe. I don't know where else you're going to find that."
"Now my feet are totally different. I have tension in my feet and all of a sudden I'm effortlessly rebounding. When I'm running now … I feel like I’m not using my quads. It’s a crazy feeling."

Full-Spectrum Training Method

Human physiology is remarkable. From split-second explosiveness to incredible feats of endurance, the breadth of our athletic capacity makes us unique in the animal kingdom. If the study of human biology tells us one thing, it’s that we are built for well-rounded performance. But when it comes to training, too many athletes get stuck in the middle, going a bit too hard, yet at the same time not hard enough.

We’ve seen professional climbers who can’t run a mile and elite-level marathoners who can’t shovel their own driveways. Hyper-specialization comes at a significant cost—and limits overall athletic performance.

Training should add more to your life than it takes away. We believe that achieving your athletic potential requires a full-spectrum approach, no matter your sport or passions. Our method is designed to optimize the contribution of all three energy systems; increase your biomechanics, coordination, and elasticity; and elevate your innate athleticism for peak performance. 

Training Plan

12-Week Trail Running Plan

Steady-State Endurance | Max Strength | Athlete IQ