Video Series

Athlete IQ: Summer 2021 Edition

Biomechanics | Coordination | Elasticity

Reclaim Your Innate Athleticism:

Athlete IQ is a pillar of our full-spectrum training method. Designed to improve your biomechanics, coordination, and elasticity, the guided video series is an excellent compliment to strength and aerobic training, no matter what type of athlete you are or where you are along your athletic journey. Read more.

Use these 12- to 15-minute sessions as a warm up before strength or aerobic workouts, for post-exercise recovery, or when you’re short on time. We manage the sequences, timing, and rests so you can focus on the movements. Just push play and follow along.

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Package Includes:

  • Athlete IQ introduction video
  • Push – Level 1 session (12 minutes)
  • Pull – Level 1 session (15 minutes)
  • Push – Level 2 session (12 minutes)
  • Pull – Level 2 session (14 minutes)
  • Recovery session (7 minutes)

Required Equipment:

Sample Movements

Check out these short clips for a sneak peek into the guided video series.

"The technique focuses on the coordination of strength and balance, which allows me to compete at a high-level in cycling as well as enjoy mountain adventures."
Marcus Duda
Samsara Athlete
"Samsara has changed my athletic life drastically. Not only am I climbing higher peaks with ease, efficiency, and strength, I am doing them with better balance and coordination."
Chris Rey
Samsara Athlete
“It’s really cool to see this systemic fascia training working. A lot of chronic pain I was dealing with has been resolved. It’s super inspiring that it’s making a difference this fast.”
Augie White
Samsara Athlete

What Is Athlete IQ?

Strength is the engine of all of our movements—the more you have, the better you perform in the mountains. But the real magic happens when you combine that strength with well-honed biomechanics, coordination, and elasticity.

Athlete IQ sessions are designed to do just that: to rewire and groove neuromuscular movement patterns that translate to sport, increase your injury resilience, and ultimately transform the way you move.

Rooted in the study of the fascia system and patterns of human locomotion, IQ work focuses on the springy, elastic capacity of the body as a complement to strength and endurance training. The never-ending development of full-spectrum athleticism is at the heart of the Samsara Experience.

Elevate Your Performance with Athlete IQ


Hone functional patterns of human locomotion that will transform how you run, climb, and jump.

Movement Economy

Train your fascia system to improve tissue rebound and harness free elastic energy return.

Injury Resilience

Rewire your brain-body connection to eliminate movement dysfunction and stave off pain.


Improve your mobility, reduce muscle soreness, and recover faster after big days in the mountains.

Video Series

Athlete IQ: Summer 2021 Edition

Improve your biomechanics, hone your coordination, and reclaim your innate athleticism.

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