We’re Hiring! Accounts Manager

Job Title: Accounts Manager

Status: (1099)

Wage: $24-25 per hour, DOE

Time Commitment: 10 hrs/week on average, with room to grow within 12 months

Location: 100% Remote/Online

Who We Are

Samsara is an online training company that exists to support and celebrate all athletes. We believe that every human is an athlete, and that training is a process of self-discovery; it’s a joy, not a grind!

Our unique fascia-driven and science-backed approach has helped professional athletes, olympians, and as well as everyday moms and dads – become the most athletic versions of themselves at any age.

We are a value- driven company that is committed to the cause of equality amongst all human beings. We acknowledge our role as people of privilege in a broken world, and strive to use our platform and profit to advance the cause of racial justice. We work to this end through our partnership with Coombs Outdoors in Jackson, WY and by publicly supporting causes and work that aligns with our values.

As a staff we work remotely, but closely. We believe that the quality of our relationships determines the collective potential we have to grow this company.

About The Position

The Accounts Manager is responsible for financial tracking and reporting that ensures the health of Samsara. Under your guidance our financial health is easily understood at a glance, and updated daily. 

Open and regular communication with the CEO happens both through meetings as well as weekly, monthly, and annual reports.

Job Responsibilities

Bookkeeping: (Weekly) All the money in and out is tracked and classified correctly, and the weekly reports are timely and easy to understand. Software and systems for all of these processes are in place and working well at the moment. However they are not static! We welcome your input into how these systems can evolve and grow with the business.

Payroll: (Bi weekly) Payroll is done on a bi-weekly basis, and the accounts manager ensures that they have all the information from the staff in order to deliver a timely and accurate payroll everytime. The accounts manager ensures that the staff are paid on time 100% of the time. Software and processes for payroll are in place and working well at the moment.

Tax Prep for CPA: (Once per year) Your immaculate bookkeeping habits make tax prep a breeze. You communicate directly with the CPA as the year closes to ensure they have accurate financial records, delivered on time.

Budget: (Once per year) Establishing an annual budget is a team wide exercise that you record. Using simple budget tools that we have developed you make adjustments to the budget, and deliver a complete budget to the CEO. Once locked, you import the budget into the software and track expenses and revenue against the budget, keeping the team updated on progress throughout the year. No new systems will need to be built here, but they can be modified and updated by you in order to keep up with the growing business.

Admin: (Ad Hoc) Responsible for delivering new staff employment paperwork, maintaining compliance with legal, insurance and government employment requirements. Occasionally billing or invoicing will be done manually, though this is rare.

About You

You are a natural tracker and organizer of numbers and money. You seek to bring clarity to the past, present and future of the business’ financial picture. You are always on the lookout for growth opportunities and trends. You enjoy working collaboratively to solve challenges and make growth happen.

You know that every good relationship relies on open and honest conversations. You are willing to express your feelings and concerns when they come up. You communicate following a “clear is kind” approach, speaking honestly and clearly, but in a way that always seeks collaborative solutions.

Your values are important to you, they are a mission that guides your life choices, and daily decisions. You align with Samsara’s 3 values of Pursuing excellence, building community, and empowering athletes from underrepresented communities.


  • Detail driven. You are naturally someone who measures, crosschecks, confirms before finalizing.
  • You seek organization in the form of repeatable systems and processes.
  • When you feel that something is strained, you communicate. You thrive when you feel heard and supported, and you seek to help those on your team feel that as well.

Required Experience

  • 3 years of bookkeeping, billing and related accounting roles
  • Highly proficient with Quickbooks online, Stripe, Google Suite, 
  • Familiar with Asana, WooCommerce, Gusto. You have some experience with a CRM software


  • Opportunity to train on the Samsara Athlete Team at no cost ($320/mo). (After 3 months)
  • Discounts from our partners at Gnarly Nutrition, Cirque Series, Mountain Sense and others
  • Annual Staff Retreats
  • Join a revolutionary outdoor brand, that is disrupting the fitness industry and receiving global recognition (Outsider of the Year 2021!)

How to Apply

  • Send your resume and cover letter to hiring@samsaraexperience.com
  • We will follow up and request an interview with eligible candidates
  • We will be accepting applications on a rolling basis, and will hire as soon as we have the right candidate