Basecamp or The Athlete Team?

What is Basecamp?

Basecamp is our global training platform – its ground zero for the Samsara Training Method. Training via Basecamp is done on a month-to-month basis, so athletes can come and go as they please – but training is built in 12 week blocks, to get the most out of the experience, we recommend at least 1 12 week block.

Step 1 – Assessment

Each athlete begins by completing the assessment: aerobic & lactate threshold tests give us a picture of the endurance capability of the athlete – and the strength & movement assessment will pinpoint weaknesses in the athletes ability to produce force in patterns of athletic movement. While the assessment process isn’t mandatory, many athletes find it very useful to form a baseline, and mark their progress according to their goals.

Step 2 – Training Plan

Once the athlete has completed the assessment, your scores will guide you to the right plan – which you can download and start following right away. Every single exercise is coupled with a video to dial you into the movement, and the variations that will help you progress the moves as you go. We have custom built our own training plan framework – so everything can be tracked and cataloged. Again – no obligation to track more than you want, but the tools are there for you to see you progress week-by-week. 

Step – Video Library

Training is almost never a linear experience! Whether you get sidetracked by a nagging injury, or life factors re-shape your priorities we realise that there will be hiccups along the way. The Video Library is a massive resource library of content that will help you resolve almost any imaginable hiccup, and provide you with a deep dive into the physiology of high performance as you go. 

In the Video Library you will find videos on how to resolve common injuries without seeing a PT (saving hundreds of dollars) alternative strength training sessions for when your travelling, a 15min max strength workout for when you are short on time, or you can listen to podcast on nutrition by our certified Nutritionist and PT Dr. Esther Smith. We add new material to the Library every week.

Who is Basecamp For?

Basecamp is for the motivated, and self directed athlete. They want all the tools to succeed, without the community aspect of the Athlete Team. There is no direct coach involvement in your training (though we try to answer questions to keep you moving forward), and there are no peers to share the experience with on a weekly basis (as with the Athlete Team). Basecamp is totally flexible in that way, you get the work done whenever it works for you, and retest your progress every 12 weeks. The plans will continue to grow with you so as you make progress and evolve as an athlete we will have a plan to step you up to the next level.

What is the Athlete Team?

The athlete team is the deep dive into the samsara method – it is the full experience! It starts with Basecamp – we use the same platform for all of our content, but for the Team we combine this world class training guidance with a connection to our community of athletes  (usually around 40) under the guidance of our team of coaches. Athletes are invited to calls that happen throughout the week, where they get direct input into their training, help resolving their injuries, and motivation to keep charging from other athletes around the world – on the shared path to high performance. 

Calls range from TEAMcalls where we focus on the specifics of your training and how to accelerate it, to LIVEdojo where we train live together in a strength and movement focused ‘dojo’ session. We also have POWERhour sessions that are dedicated to uncovering the ancient wisdom and groundbreaking science that powers our method. 

Athletes on the Team can choose from 3 levels which will dictate the amount of coach involvement they have.

Ultimately what makes the Athlete Team is that you are never alone, you’re surrounded by a community of peers and coaches who are there to support you in your goals. As a community we are dedicated to providing you with the resources you need to strive for unrelenting athletic progress. We have athletes from every age and stage of life, from full time moms, to olympic skiers, professional team sport athletes, and weekend crushers – and we are dedicated to supporting each other on the journey.

Whichever path you choose, our team is here to support you in reaching your goals. Let’s go!