Does Your Training Rely on Being Motivated?

How to implement the science of habit formation

3-Step Process for Building Habits

As we discussed in the first part of our Habits Blog Series, motivation is the most fickle of human states. It comes and goes. But in order for training to be effective – not just physically, but also in terms of our mental health – it’s something we should do daily, not just when we’re motivated.

Daily practices such as brushing our teeth and making coffee live in the automated space – they are habitual. These habits don’t rely on motivation because they are neurologically grooved – they’re pre-programmed decisions.

Like how water naturally finds its way into the Grand Canyon, so can your training practice find its way ‘automatically’ into your day when you start to make it habitual.

We’ve been studying and implementing the science of habit formation to help our athletes leverage it to their advantage. Our 3-step process for building lifelong training habits is adapted from James Clear’s Stages of Habit:


  1. Cue – The trigger that initiates the sequence of events that leads to starting a training session
  2. Routine – The training itself, which you should make easy and enjoyable
  3. Reward – A way to celebrate your wins and track your progress

Turn Your Grind into a Habit

Our Mindset Methodology is rooted in the science of Habit Formation, and has helped dozens of athletes establish lifelong training habits. 

Here’s a breakdown of how we do it:


  1. Make the Cue Obvious – We have helped dozens of athletes find the ideal trigger that leads to training success.
  2. Make Craving Attractive – Training cannot be both a grind and a habit. To become a habit that you stick with, you have to love it. That’s why we build training programs rooted in natural patterns of human movement. Your brain is hardwired to enjoy this kind of movement. While it feels like play, it transforms your endurance, improves your strength and hones your athleticism.
  3. Make the Routine Easy – We will help you implement the small, pre-planning steps – like laying out your clothes the night before – that will pave the way to starting your daily training routine.
  4. Make the Reward Satisfying – The stories we tell ourselves matter. When you can engrain a positive mental dialogue about what you did and how it feels – you can literally re-write the narrative of your relationship with your body and training. Not only do we help you do that in strategic ways, but your whole Habit Cohort is there doing the same thing. Through weekly calls and online chat, you have our whole community behind you.

Did You Know Our Athlete Team Includes a Habits Cohort?

Our Habits Cohort includes four different aspects to help you establish lifelong habits. From the formation phase to personal accountability, accountability to others and celebrating successes, we offer actionable steps for every part of the journey:

  1. Join the Habits Cohort Chat – a space dedicated to support and accountability for athletes
  2. Train with Habit-Forming Circuits & Workout Playlists  – designed to help you easily develop a new training rhythm
  3. Hop on Weekly Check-in Calls – we review your progress as well as share research and education into the science of habit formation
  4. Celebrate Your Wins in the Group Tracker – we reward successes and uphold accountability


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