Bodyweight Program – Level 1


The Bodyweight Level 1 Video Program includes 13 movement progression videos plus one full guided 55-minute video workout.

Use these sessions to advance your strength and athleticism.

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This video program contains three movement progressions—plank, pistol, and stability ball—in which we guide you through each move, step-by-step, so you can learn the variations and hone your biomechanics.

There is one workout for this level, which compiles these movements into sequences, including a warm-up, circuits, and rest periods, for a 55-minute session. We lead you through the exercises and manage the timing so you can focus on max effort.

Do the workout one to two times per week in season and three times per week during the off season to advance your strength and athleticism.

Package Includes:

  • Introduction video
  • Plank Progression (three movements/videos)
  • Pistol Progression (six movements/videos)
  • Stability Ball Progression (four movements/videos)
  • Guided video workout (one video)

Required Equipment:

  • Floor space (8 by 8 feet)
  • Stability ball