Intermediate Level

Backcountry Snow Safety Program

Competence And Confidence In The Mountains

The Samsara Backcountry Snow Safety Program serves small private groups who have already completed an approved Level I course and who are looking to take their snow assessment skills to the next level. 

As this is an upper-level course, it requires experience and high levels of fitness. Students are placed in the lead for the entirety of the course, conducting all of the route finding, stability assessment, decision making, and group management. 

The courses take place in the Teton Range of Wyoming, with Exum Mountain Guides.

NOTE: The course is taught at the Level II standard; however, it is not a certified course, which allows for more flexibility and a bias towards time spent in the mountains. 

Program Specifics

Course Duration*

2 Days On Snow + 1/2 Day Zoom


Jan 2022 - Mar 2022


Starting at $1400 per person (based on a 4 person crew**)

* Optional 1-day add-on (see below)
**Group Size must be 3 or 4 participants

CORE CONTENT (included in program)

The Complete Picture of Stability
Tracking the Season History
Avalanche Problems & Behavior
Mechanics of Avalanche Release
Metamorphism of Snow
Framework for Decision-Making
Avalanche Rescue
Terrain and Group Management

OPTIONAL ADD-ON CONTENT ($200 per student)

Glacier Travel
Crevasse Rescue
Technical Skills for Ski Alpinism
(Anchors, Belays, Rappels)
Digital Route Planning

Student Resume Requirements

Minimum of 5 years of human-powered backcountry riding experience Completed American Avalanche Association approved Level I Avalanche course within the past 5 years Ability to complete 4-5k of uphill travel comfortably Ability to confidently ski 40-degree terrain in all conditions Proficiency with single burials

Limited Availability of Backcountry Snow Safety Programs for the 2021-2022 Season.

To apply for a spot with your crew, contact us today.


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