Run IQ Mobility Program

Coordination | Elasticity | Injury Resilience

Photo by : Morgan Shields


A Bodyweight Program designed to improve your running and reduce running-related injuries. Learn how to harness the elastic power of your fascia for greater rebound on every stride.


3 workouts, 2 levels, and 50 minutes of guided movement that will help you build the spring in your stride, and address common hip and spine dysfunction. Learn movement progressions and build a daily movement habit.


Running is a series of ground collisions in which an elastic foot/ankle gives you more bounce on every stride. Train your whole body to spring into action – agile, springy, and coordinated.

Workout Anywhere, Anytime


Train at home, or wherever you roam. No equipment needed, just press play and start training now.

Level Up

Start with Level 1, we will guide you through each movement and help you hone your technique.


Experience your body on a new level. The deeper the body awareness, the higher the performance.


Improve the way you move. Experience the flow in the mountains, on the trails, or wherever you roam.

Start-to-Finish Guided Training

Improve the Way You Move


The left right reciprocal pattern is the lynchpin of human athleticism, and it’s built into every Athlete IQ.


The body is not a sum of individual parts, it's an integrated biological organism. Coordination is how we integrate the parts, into an athletic whole.


Imagine pedaling a bike uphill on flat tires? Crazy! Yet that’s how a lot of athletes move. Restore the spring in your step and experience agility.

Speed Up

The fastest way to speed up, is to know where you are going. We help you upgrade the neurological programming that enables your body to understand itself in space, and get there faster.


Move better by teaching your body to evenly distribute forces, according to your original design. Reduce pain and get back to your athletic life.


Athlete IQ is 1 spoke in your athletic wheel. Supplement your strength and endurance training with Athlete IQ movement training.

Run IQ Level 1 Preview:

Achieve Next-Level Performance

The Complete Bodyweight Mobility Program
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We guarantee we’ll change the way you move in one week, or you don’t pay a dime.

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Answers to our most common questions.

It’s completely different. We prioritize absolute strength. If you want to get stronger, you have to do harder things, not easy things more times. We are not aware of any other bodyweight programs that aim to develop maximum strength. We also seek to develop the kind of strength that is relevant to high-level athleticism. One of the critical components for elite level athletic performance is power transfer from the upper to the lower body, or vice versa. Our method is designed to build a bulletproof torso to ensure maximum core stiffness and power transfer—regardless of your sport.

While none of our programs are well-suited to beginners, seasoned athletes of every level will progress with our method. We have trained athletes across the spectrum of sport using the Bodyweight Program with excellent results. We believe that there are a few threads that connect high-level athleticism. Torsional stiffness, posterior chain strength, and single leg stability – these are all enhanced by the Program.

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