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Why ‘Just Doing My Sport’ Is Not Enough

An overview of our 3-step approach to building athleticism

Sport alone won’t enable you to reach the peak of your athletic ability. Why? The reasons are ingrained in our three-step approach to building athleticism: 


(training improves each one)

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Step 1: Pattern

Elite performance at one sport eventually leads to overuse, dysfunction and pain. Our sports are like branches of a tree, each one a little different but they are all connected – and fed by the same roots.

Training should be about cultivating the roots of your athleticism. Pattern better movements in training, and all the branches will grow.

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Photo Credit: Alex Yoder

Step 2: Load

Strength training allows us to slow down and add more load (force) to our movements, which increases our body’s ability to produce force. Sport alone rarely helps athletes get stronger because it’s too fast and the loads are too light.

Too much strength will slow you down, and too much sport will leave you weak and susceptible to injury. Seek balance.

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Step 3: Accelerate

To develop speed and power at a high level, you need to do less volume, at a faster speed, with moderate loads.

Sport alone is often too continuous to allow for maximum power and speed to improve beyond a baseline. You need training for that.


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