We’re Hiring! Marketing Coordinator

Job Title: Marketing Coordinator

Status: Employee

Wage: $25-26 per hour, DOE. Room to grow within 6 months

Time Commitment: 30 hrs/week 

Location: 100% Remote/Online

Who We Are

Samsara is an online training company that exists to support and celebrate all athletes. We believe that every human is an athlete, and that training is a process of self-discovery; it’s a joy, not a grind!

Our unique fascia-driven and science-backed approach has helped professional athletes, olympians, and as well as everyday moms and dads – become the most athletic versions of themselves at any age.

We are a value- driven company that is committed to the cause of equality amongst all human beings. We acknowledge our role as people of privilege in a broken world, and strive to use our platform and profit to advance the cause of racial justice. We work to this end through our partnership with Coombs Outdoors in Jackson, WY and by publicly supporting causes and work that aligns with our values.

As a staff we work remotely, but closely. We believe that the quality of our relationships determines the collective potential we have to grow this company.

About The Position

The Marketing Coordinator assists in growing the Samsara brand and driving sales. Working with the CEO you implement updates to the website, create email customer journeys that convert athletes into engaged customers who are evolving into their most athletic selves.

You measure the impact of your work in quantifiable metrics of traffic, engagement, and sales. You interpret the data to provide insights that drive growth.

You represent a brand that is driven by its values to: pursue excellence, build community and empower underrepresented athletes. These values underpin everything we do as a company, and they form the basis of your decisions.

Job Responsibilities

  • Update the Website

Outcome: Our website is a beautiful visual representation of our brand. The copy is clean, and the imagery and design are symbiotic. This is an ongoing and planned process.

Your Roles: 

  • You implement visual and copy changes to the website that maintain a relevant, accurate and beautiful presentation that reflect our approach to cultivating athleticism. You are not responsible for generating copy or selecting imagery, but your input is welcome.
  • Ensure all subscriptions and domains are current. Ensure the lights are always on.
  • You track and analyze relevant data to inform decisions that increase traffic and conversions.
  • Your skills and imagination are always growing. You are a student of the e-commerce environment.
  • Implement Email Marketing

Outcome: Email is our strongest platform for cultivating long term customers, enriching their lives with valuable insights and content. Email serves to convert visitors into customers, who experience the benefits of training to be lifelong joyful athletes.

Your Roles: 

  • Using visual and copy assets provided, you build email Customer Journeys that convert athletes into customers. 
  • You track delivery, open rates and conversion. Using this data, you analyze how to improve email performance.
  • The email list is growing in size and quality of the customer. We are only speaking to those who are listening. We don’t add to internet clutter.
  • Coordinate Digital Advertising

Outcome: Samsara is growing. We are refining our control of the lever of sales through all channels.

Your Roles: 

  • You become a student of the For Good Profits sales system (a course and implementation system designed to help purpose-driven brands grow, that we follow). You work with the CEO to implement it through web, email and digital advertising.
  • You are the administrator of Samsara’s foray into digital advertising collecting relevant data to guide decisions towards a growing ROAS. You work together with the CEO to make ad-spend decisions.
  • Manage Marketing Content 

Outcome: The Google Drive & YouTube platforms are content rich and easily searched libraries of Samsara Marketing assets.

Your Roles:

  • You maintain an easy to navigate folder structure and index of all marketing assets in Google Drive. There is a coherent and repeatable folder structure throughout the drive. 
  • You establish a regular schedule to upload new content to our YouTube channel.

About You

You are a growth-oriented creator who thrives in an environment where you perform multiple functions. As a small company marketer you pivot from email funnel building, to website design, and enjoy the variety. You work independently, but are energized by the moments of collaboration. You are organized to a fault, you build systems and are a meticulous planner.

You know that every good relationship relies on open and honest conversations. You are willing to express your feelings and concerns when they come up. You communicate following a “clear is kind” approach, speaking honestly and clearly, but in a way that always seeks collaborative solutions..

You have a budding interest in training, you are an avid athlete who loves to play outside.

Your values are important to you, they are a mission that guides your life choices, and daily decisions. You align with Samsara’s three values of pursuing excellence, building community, and empowering athletes from underrepresented communities.

Necessary Skills

  • You are skilled on the back and front end of WordPress and comfortable designing dynamic web pages with a page builder like Elementor (basic HTML/CSS knowledge recommended but not required)
  • You are familiar with optimizing sales funnel elements such as checkout pages, product pages, banners, bundles, and coupons using Woocommerce, cartflows, and other related plugins
  • You understand basic SEO, how to optimize pages for Google, and how to track keyword performance
  • You understand how to track email performance data and apply your skills to segment subscribers, launch re-engagement campaigns, and archive non-engaged audience members
  • You are competent in Canva and have basic graphic design skills

Required Experience

  • 3 years of experience in web design
  • 3 years email marketing experience
  • Competent in: Google Suite, Asana, Woocommerce, WordPress


  • Unlimited Paid Time Off
  • Opportunity to train on the Samsara Athlete Team at no cost ($320/mo). (After 3 months)
  • Discounts from our partners at Gnarly Nutrition, Cirque Series, Mountain Sense and others
  • Annual Staff Retreats
  • Join a revolutionary outdoor brand that is disrupting the fitness industry and receiving global recognition (Outsider of the Year 2021!)
  • Access to the For Good Profits Operating System
  • Health insurance & retirement benefits as we grow

How to Apply

  • Send your resume and cover letter to hiring@samsaraexperience.com
  • We will follow up and request an interview with eligible candidates
  • We will be accepting applications on a rolling basis, and will hire as soon as we have the right candidate