We’re Hiring! Operations Coordinator

Job Title: Operations Coordinator

Status: Employee

Wage: $25-26 per hour, DOE. Room to grow within 6 months

Time Commitment: 30 hrs/week 

Location: 100% Remote/Online

Who We Are

Samsara is an online training company that exists to support and celebrate all athletes. We believe that every human is an athlete, and that training is a process of self-discovery; it’s a joy, not a grind!

Our unique fascia-driven and science-backed approach has helped professional athletes, olympians, and as well as everyday moms and dads – become the most athletic versions of themselves at any age.

We are a value- driven company that is committed to the cause of equality amongst all human beings. We acknowledge our role as people of privilege in a broken world, and strive to use our platform and profit to advance the cause of racial justice. We work to this end through our partnership with Coombs Outdoors in Jackson, WY and by publicly supporting causes and work that aligns with our values.

As a staff we work remotely, but closely. We believe that the quality of our relationships determines the collective potential we have to grow this company.

About The Position

The Operations Coordinator paves the way for growth. You are a systems builder, who seeks to organize and streamline processes which creates a predictable and productive work environment for the team. You’re comfortable in a start-up environment which requires moving systematically and efficiently towards growth.

You represent a brand that is driven by its values to: pursue excellence, build community and empower underrepresented athletes. These values underpin everything we do as a company, and they form the basis of our decisions.

Job Responsibilities

  • Optimize Business Operations

Outcome: Samsara runs like a reliable Swiss train. Staff can unplug and Samsara growth continues in their absence.

Your Roles: 

  • You facilitate a well-run operation where the process is as good as the product. You translate vision into an action plan for the team. You standardize processes to ensure that we are all rowing in the same direction.
  • You are the keeper of the store for all deliverable (non-marketing related) digital infrastructure. You keep a tight scene – Google Drive, The Searchie Platform, Project Management software are organized.
  • You are on the lookout for ways to innovate the online work experience, through better organization, communication, and implementing new online tools.
  • Streamline Athlete Team

Outcome: Full Athlete Team, delivered on time, in fewer staff hours. The Athlete Team is staffed with a (12-15):1 ratio with 4-5 star coaches.

Your Roles: 

  • You onboard and welcome new athletes creating a warm and reassuring first contact. Managing 50 athletes requires a detail-driven approach.
  • You track their successes via the Leaderboard, and ensure that coaches are equipped to support the athletes.
  • You implement surveys, communicate weekly via the Compass email, track engagement and share metrics with the coaches.
  • Manage Front End Communications

Outcome: Provide a timely, warm and reliable first contact for all athletes.

Your Roles: 

  • As the person who manages the wizard@ email account you serve as a first contact for interested athletes, and brands that seek our services.
  • You respond and track inquiries and facilitate registration for events, consults, and programs. As an empathetic listener you ensure athletes feel heard. You convert curious inquirers into engaged customers.
  • You share from your deep understanding of the method and the products. You guide all athletes towards the tools that enable their breakthrough success.
  • Manage Searchie Platform 

Outcome: Maintain an intuitive, content-rich athlete experience on our Basecamp training platform.

Your Roles:

  • Upload new content, refine playlists and improve the user experience on a monthly basis in order to ensure an excellent training experience for Basecamp & Athlete Team Customers.
  • Basecamp is being re-launched in November. Your role will be to evaluate the usage metrics and implement decisions on how to iterate the platform for the best user experience.

About You

You are a tech-savvy, systems builder who thrives in a fast paced, and exciting work environment. You’re a results-driven, and growth-oriented team player. You enjoy collaborating, sharing ideas, being heard and seeing your contributions come to life. 

You get frustrated by the status quo, and pumped when the people around you seek to collaborate. You are inclined to act, when you see problems that stand in the way of your goals. When faced with difficulties that involve others, you seek the input and energy of others. Cooperation feels good, you use it to overcome conflict or challenges. You feel most jazzed about shared goals. 

You naturally invest in other people’s success, it makes you happy to see others succeed. You demonstrate a genuine concern for the welfare of others. You like to see results that you can count. Success is something you chase for yourself, and others.

You are an athlete – you love to use your body to take on the challenges of sport, at any level. Performing well, feeling great and evolving as an athlete is a source of joy for you.

Necessary Skills

  • You are Google Suite savvy and a spreadsheet whiz
  • You are a skilled public speaker comfortable preparing agendas and leading Zoom calls
  • You are skilled at fielding customer service questions and upselling
  • You can process large data sets with exceptional accuracy, and produce reports
  • You have experience managing multiple calendars and staff schedules
  • You understand project management and have experience coordinating remotely
  • You are competent with video editing and uploading via Canva and Searchie

Required Experience

  • Customer relationship management: 2 years
  • Project management experience: 2 years
  • Experience with Asana, Google Suite, Zoom, CRM software: 1 year
  • Commitment to equity mission


  • Unlimited Paid Time Off
  • Opportunity to train on the Samsara Athlete Team at no cost ($320/mo). (After 3 months)
  • Discounts from our partners at Gnarly Nutrition, Cirque Series, Mountain Sense and others
  • Annual Staff Retreats
  • Join a revolutionary outdoor brand that is disrupting the fitness industry and receiving global recognition (Outsider of the Year 2021!)
  • Access to the For Good Profits Operating System
  • Health insurance & retirement benefits as we grow

How to Apply

  • Send your resume and cover letter to hiring@samsaraexperience.com
  • We will follow up and request an interview with eligible candidates
  • We will be accepting applications on a rolling basis, and will hire as soon as we have the right candidate