Free 17-Minute Recovery Session

Welcome to the Recovery IQ session! This is a great one to do after you've been out for a big day skiing, climbing, running, or adventuring and want to get moving, but feel a bit sore, stiff, or fatigued. We'll manage the sequences and timing throughout the video. Just press play and follow along.

In this session, we’re going to focus on two things: 

  1. Isometrics (static holds), which help prepare and repair injured tissues
  2. Mobility (active range of motion), particularly in the hips and back

All you’ll need is a kettlebell (approximately 20-30 percent of your bodyweight), floor space, and a bottle of water.

Athlete IQ is a pillar of our full-spectrum training method. Designed to improve your biomechanics, coordination, and mobility, the guided video series is an excellent compliment to strength and aerobic training, no matter what type of athlete you are or where you are along your athletic journey.

Every season we create a new edition of Athlete IQ for the Athlete Team, and this is just one session from our Fall 2021 Edition.

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